Our Team

Meet the Leadership behind Darsha Academy

Each of Darsha Academy’s faculty and staff members has deep subject matter expertise, experience in coaching and mentoring young students and exhibits all six of Darsha’s Core Values in their life and work. Every Darsha faculty member has at least 2 years of teaching experience and many have upwards of 20 years. Our faculty is well-trained and well-equipped to help each student understand their potential and see them succeed.

At Darsha, we believe in educating the mind as well as the heart by imparting both knowledge and wisdom. Our teaching philosophy is that education is an investment in human lives and the benefit of their investment and dedicated mentoring will be reaped by the present and the future generations. The influence of our Darsha students will impact the world and bring about far-reaching, desirable changes in our societies.

TOM VARGHESE, Co-Founder and Director of Operations

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Darsha Academy is the educational institution that it is because of our wonderful students who are guided by their Optimism and Imagination in the face of difficulty, Integrity and Excellence within themselves and what they do, and Generosity and Collaboration in how they encouraged and uplift one another.